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My work to date


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"The Lives We Saved"- 2006--
Hawkeye intercepts a mistakenly delivered load of bullets to the 4077th
This is my first published work

"Mr Baxter"-- Fall 2007---Ken*Again
 About a voyeur who stalks his neighbor

Demon Minds (Now out of print and off line)
The Nick Crowell series ran online and in print from 2007 to 2008

Crowell is a Cleveland cop who, after being shot in a cemetery, encounters with people with strange problems. Not being able to help them, this weighs on him through the series of stories.

The following five stories were published on Demon Minds either in print or online
"Blame it on the Snowman" Fall 2007
A woman is dead and her boyfriend insists that a snowman killed her
"Empath" Spring 2008
A young homeless boy seeks Nick's help when he discovers that he
suddenly has empathic-type powers
"Haunted" Spring 2008
Nick's old partner helps him solve an old missing person case
"Molly" Fall 2008
Nick's lady friend buys an old chair for her antique shop and plans to
refurbish it: until she finds out it comes with a ghost
"Just Another John Doe" Fall 2008
Police bring in a murdered homeless man.
A few hours later, the body vanishes

"A Christmas Toast"  December 24 2008
A man discovers a car in the driveway and walks out to see what he wants, thinking the man might be lost. But as it turns out, the man is actually the previous owner of the home and has a story to tell.....
This is my first paid piece

Empath: Horror Stories May 2010 Collection of nine Nick Crowell mysteries

June 2011 – Dec 2011 No longer available Sold 80 copies

Just a Theory November 2011 Short story on Every Day Fiction

A man assumes that most people who do bad things tend to live longer. He decides to experiment for a month and do one bad thing per day. The problem is, he gets caught at it!

Summer 2012   
Ken * Again
A husband and wife work out an argument between them about his accepting a job from her brother- or is it about his not committing to losing weight?

Dec 30 2012
The Stapler
Two recently laid off employees take stock of their lives in the snow

A Strange Life  An e-book on amazon

  Nick Crowell, a cop, gets shot in a cemetery. After he recovers, he begins to encounter people with really strange problems. He cannot really help them as much as he would like to and this weighs on him. Crowell is a unique take on the paranormal genre

January 2013
Martin's House of Books
A young girl delivers meals to a shut in widower who's wife collected used books. Hundreds if not thousands of books.

May 2013
A Mother For Emily
A woman who can't have children encounters a homeless teen mother desperate to abandon the newborn she has.

October 2013
Contributed two stories to an anthology for charity. Something To Read For On The Ride
My stories "Brief Encounter On The 75" and "Last Day"
There are a total of 26 stories- all genres.

December 2013
Contributed two stories to the second anthology Something For The Journey
My stories: "Carrie's Gift" and "Curbside"
There are 27 stories total- all genres.

Coming up:

March 2014 
Contributed a story to third and final anthology, Something To Take With You

July 2014
Anthology Omnibus due out 

At least two new Crowell novellas due to be released.

Lives In Ruen
A fantasy novella